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Content Strategy & Copywriting: Repurposing Blog Articles

In one of my roles, I served as a content strategist and blog manager for a specialized raw material and ingredient search engine. As a way to extend the life of blog articles we had already published, I conducted an audit to determine which articles could be refreshed as infographics. After combing through the archives of hundreds of articles, I found several viable candidates.

To create the infographics, I:

  • Read the articles and noted unique factoids
  • Researched additional information on current industry trends
  • Developed an outline for the infographic and wrote the copy
  • Collaborated with our contract designer, Erica Brooks of Hello Creative Solutions on how to best present the information and design.

After Erica completed the infographics, I wrote new blog posts featuring the main points of the infographics and published them via our WordPress site.

Infographic on the features and benefits of formulating with tricalcium phosphate