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Niche Blogging:

As a Kansas City native, I founded KC Geeks in 2015 because I wanted there to be a comprehensive hub for Kansas City geek resources. There are local meetup groups and clubs for every type of fandom, but geeks often aren’t tied to just one “flavor” of geekiness. KC Geeks shared information on a wide variety of events and resources, so people could embrace every geeky part of themselves.

After six years, I closed the site in 2021.

My roles

  • Identify, research, and vet meetups and interest groups
  • Conduct outreach and interviews
  • Develop profile feature articles
  • Curate Kansas City geek resources
  • Seek out opportunities to promote and nurture geek culture in Kansas City
  • Manage ongoing editorial calendar and geek event calendar for the Kansas City area
  • Curate, develop, and send out weekly newsletter to 1,000+ subscribers
  • Sole administrator of WordPress site/blog and social media accounts
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